4 board members showed up, quorum not present.

Jim B is currently traveling, was unable to attend meeting. No treasurer’s report.

Yvonne did not offer a membership report

Jerry Yoder’s Summer end picnic went well, combined with VCCA club. About 30 people attended.

Econonrun is now set, Inland Corvair club from around Spokane/Coeur d’Alene hosting it.  Will be April 26th, 27th, 28th in Leavenworth, WA  (Last weekend of April, weekend after Easter)

Corvair Cavalry is going well. Outreach is going well, has helped many people and has signed up new members.

CNW has challenged other clubs in the national publication to donate monthly to the preservation foundation.

(Nonbinding motion) Aaron moved to cancel November general meeting and move it in a limited capacity to the fall tune up day (Nov 17th). Rob seconded, all 4 attending board members voted yes

Fall Tune up day is Nov 17th from 10-3 (ok to show up at 9am)

Joannie made a suggestion to offer a sign-up sheet.  I will make a sign-up list for lift time on the tune-up day for time slots.

Carl proposed sending out email to all members on Oct 10th with names of members that have agreed to become board members.  Carl suggested board members reach out to people to suggest joining the board.  Adam and Felipe have offered to join the board.

Discussion opened to modify bylaws regarding elections of members (paying members, electronic voting, timeframes).  Form a 3 to 5-person committee to provide a report on modifying the laws at the December meeting chaired by club secretary. Aaron will send out an email to the club mailing list and Facebook soliciting advice and opinions of members.  Will deliver final report to members in December to be voted.

Joney reached out to Griots, have Dec 9th 10-2. She passed around the menus and costs were higher than last year.  Discussion about costs and getting members to bring appetizers and desserts.  Board members will bring baskets for raffle.

Rob made a motion to acquire a raffle drum for raffles with a $75 limit.  Aaron seconded and motion passed unanimously.  Aaron will purchase.

Meeting adjourned