Board meeting called to order at 9:30.

Quorum not present, no business can be attended to and no motions can be offered.

Dan Gabbert, Dan Davis, Carl Jones, Aaron Payne all present.  Roland and Yvonne present for technical director and membership chair.

Discussion about changing bylaws to define board members attendance and doing via conference calls or video conferencing.

Dan Davis suggested changing bylaws to accommodate more updated items like the board member quorum issue.

Discussion on trying to find more board members to help out with lower attendance at the meetings.

Carl turned the discussion to Tune-up Day.  Speaker is Duane Cartwright from Oregon, going to be speaking about fuel injection, history of it with the Corvair, and his own fuel injected Corvair.  Dan Davis will speak about the Great Western Fan Belt Toss in late September. Dan and Carl will be bringing all the items from the storage unit. Details for assigning food to bring are in the newsletter.

Carl talked about gifts for the raffle for the holiday party.  Carl has two items for it.  Board members should be bringing gifts for the raffle.

Discussion moved to the board elections.  According to the bylaws, the ballots are to be counted at the November general meeting and announced at the end of that meeting. Yvonne to print out extra ballots to the general meeting.

Dan talked about GWFBT.  Pete Bochent had his “new” Corvair that was purchased at auction in Nebraska.  It had 3 miles when purchased.

Meeting adjourned at 11:15a