Newsletter minutes:

Meeting was called to order at 7pm by Carl Jones, Club President.  There were 11 members present.  Roland and Yvonne Martin were absent, so no updates on Membership or Vair-iety.

Jim Brossard gave an update on the club bank accounts: $2304 in savings, and $508 in checking.

Ron Backman is retiring as Secretary, Aaron Payne has offered to run for a board spot and take over as Secretary following the list of new board members being posted in the February Vair-iety and then voted on at the next board meeting.

Carl Jones discussed the Orphan and Discontinued Car show for 2018.  It will be held the 4th Sunday in July (this is the 22nd). This was moved from the traditional 3rd Sunday due do a another event at Griot’s that was booked last year.  Carl is looking for volunteers to co-chair and organize the event.  Carl also asked that every member start advertising the event and get connected with other car clubs to increase attendance.  This is the biggest fundraiser of the year and need a big turnout!

Topics moved on to cruises and parades this year.  2017 cruises weren’t successful because of poor weather and turnout. Carl suggested doing 2 or 3 cruises this year like the Fall Cruise over on the Peninsula.  Ron Backman looked into the Lakefair parade in Olympia.  There would be 4 different points along the parade route that our club would be announced.  This takes place the Saturday the week before the ODS.  There is also a car show that takes place the day before (Friday).  Carl would also like us to do the Daffodil Parade in April.

Spring Tune-up will be April 21st at Kent’s Garage 10am-3pm.

Dan Gabbert talked about The Heritage of Flight Car Show at Paine Field which takes place on Labor Day weekend (Saturday)

No guest speaker next month but we will have a State Trooper to talk about law changes.

John Bolender spoke dealt with an electrical shop in Kent that can rebuild Generators and find electrical gremlins in cars

Meeting was adjourned 7:58p

Post adjournment, the Board voted to move club storage unit to cheaper location (Carl, Dan D, Dan G, Ron, Aaron, and Jim voted yes).  Current storage unit will cost us about $90 a month starting in Feb. Dan Davis found a cheaper storage unit in Puyallup that will cost about $30 a month.