Dan Davis called the meeting to order at 7:16p

Yvonne’s Membership report 19 people unpaid out of 68 families

Treasurer’s report:

  • 499.13 in checking
  • 2305.08 in savings
  • 2804.21 total

Dan spoke about the board vote to move storage to a new storage unit, and sending the extra money to the Corvair Preservation Fund for the museum.  Dan was going to show pictures from the museum, but the TV in the meeting room is not working.  Unfortunately the Washington State Patrol Trooper was unable to attend to update us on 2018 driving rules due to other circumstances.

50/50 raffle is $49.

Dan recapped our plans for the daffodil parade.  Dan Gabbert spoke about the possibility of doing the Greenwood (near Green Lake and Ballard) auto show on June 30th.  We would need 3-5 cars.  Reach out to Dan if you’re interested (gearhead140@frontier.com).

Other events:

ODS conversation.  Fliers by next meeting with signup sheets for volunteers. Aaron has volunteered to co-chair.  Dan spoke about the Econo-run being hosted in BC by the WCC.  Memorial Day weekend in Harrison Hot Springs.

Spring Tune-up is on April 21st at Kent’s garage again.

Portland Swap Meet first weekend of April (4-5-6).  Plenty of Corvair parts.

Meeting adjourned 7:50p