Yvonne – Membership update: 19 still haven’t paid out of 67 people. Will notify via email that this is their last month

Jim – Treasurers update

Carl –

  • Moved items into storage pod, new unit $40/mo, old unit still owe $13.90 on.  Unit is much larger than previous one.
  • Monthly to-do list
    • Appoint Committee Chairs
      • Aaron Payne and David Thatcher have offered to co-chair the ODS.  Dan Davis, Dan Gabbert, and Carl Jones offered to help.
    • Sweetheart Cruise Feb 17 in Burlington
    • Spring Tune-up on Apr 21st.
    • Carl would still like to go back and talk to Griots to move to the 3rd Sunday again.

Old Business

  • Community Outreach – Participating in the Daffodil parade (April 7th at 9am, in Tacoma, then Puyallup, Sumner).  Ron is looking into the one in Olympia. Daffodil parade needs certificate of insurance, will check with CORSA director Dan Davis for blanket.  Bothell parade is on 4th of July
  • February Guest Speaker follow-up with Jim Brossard
  • Still need ideas for additional months.  Fire safety, oil, and tires were suggested.
  • Carl: Call for Election of officers proposed as follows:
    • Carl Jones continuing as President
    • Dan Davis continuing as Vice-President
    • Jim Brossard continuing as Treasurer
    • Aaron Payne as Secretary
  • Seconded and unanimously voted and approved.
  • Will put a list of candidates for board elections, will post in the newsletter this month with an explanation of what’s happening.
  • Member Packet update
    • Dan Davis has checked local embroidery places for patches, but prices are pretty high. Online cost is about a 3rd.  2 1/2 inch circular patch iron on. About $2 each, minimum order of 50
    • Carl is getting prices and details on decals
    • Handouts for national membership packet

New Business

  • National club under new management, executive management team out of Minnesota.  Very well qualified and seems to be working well.
  • Jim Brossard moved to send $40/mo to Corvair Museum in Decatur out of the funds we saved from storage. Dan Davis seconded. Vote was unanimous.

Meeting adjourned 10:07