Club President Carl Jones called meeting to order at 8:30a.

From Vyonne’s notes, membership is down to 52 members paid. Down 16 members from last year.  Suggested reaching out to members personally to make sure that the 16 people didn’t forget to pay.  Multi-year options are available.

See treasurers report.  Social Media added Aaron Payne as admin to Facebook group, Kent Sullivan has been posting items too.

Roland’s computer problems are getting better, will look at possibly bringing over a new person to work on the newsletter with him.

Dan D and Carl has taken an inventory of the storage unit.  Tables need to be brought out before tune up day.

Jim still having issues getting a hold of state trooper.  Dan D will try to get Fire and Rescue.  If people can work on speakers for general meeting, that would be great.

Member Packet Items:

Jim moved to reimburse Aaron for the cost of the stickers for Corvairs Northwest, also moved to include copies to new members, and charge $2 per sticker.  Dan Davis seconded, unanimous yes to vote.

Dan D and Yvonne have bids for embroidered patches, $1.50 and $2.50 each.  Carl would like to see the sample of the work.  Business cards are still working, one issue to passing out is that it’s not summer yet.  Dan D suggested including a calendar of events for new members.

Aaron talked about flyer for ODS, promotion for ODS.  Wanted input on ODS fees, $20 or $25.  People seem ok with $20.  Carl will handle food for ODS.  Jim will handle registration and gave Aaron some samples of dash cards and ballots from last year.  Voted to change name to Orphan & Discontinued Car Show.

Roland moved to bring Car Show signs to WCC for Econorun weekend since we have so many and would help them out. No objections.

Aaron discussed CNW Website to improve accessibility of information. Showed new site with navigation.  Jim moved to use Aaron’s site as the new website, Dan D seconded. Unanimous yes vote.

Dan D talked about National org using their website for regional info with histories and event data to get more interest in Corsa site and interest in events.

Board of directors election for Corsa coming up.  Ballots are online, use your Corsa credentials to vote.

Meeting adjourned at 9:59a.