Attending this board meeting were:

  • Carl Jones – 2018 President
  • Dan Davis – 2018 Vice President
  • Jim Brossard – 2018 Treasurer
  • Aaron Payne – 2018 Secretary
  • Adam Grambo – 2019-2020 Board Member
  • Troy Hull – 2018-19 Board Member
  • Jerry Yoder – 2018-19 Board Member

Rob Leone will not be here today. Have not heard from Felipe and Joney.  Carl and Jim Brossard are rolling off the board.

Treasurer’s Report: $300 less in CNW accounts from last year.  Talked about duties of Treasurer.  Jim has held the spot for many years and is looking forward to passing the role and responsibilities on.  Aaron will verify that CNW membership renewal will work this weekend or before the next club meeting.

Discussion moved into election of new officers.  Dan Davis is interested in continuing as Vice President this year, Aaron Payne has expressed interest in being president.  A motion was made to appoint them to the Vice-President and President posts respectively.  Both were confirmed by vote of the board.  Will discuss and appoint Secretary and Treasurer by next meeting.

Carl reviewed the annual schedule of events and provided a copy of the event schedule

Committee Chairs:

  • Newsletter
  • Membership
  • ODCS
  • Cruise Wagonmaster
  • Econorun
  • Summer/Spring Picnic

Aaron talked about the need for electronic record keeping of materials related to the club so individuals and board members can find material easily and in one place.

Per Troy The Great Race will end in Tacoma this year, maybe we can get together and greet them in Cars. (June 30th)

Dan Davis discussed dates of upcoming events

  • Sweetheart Cruise (North Cascades Feb 16th)
  • Spring Tune-up day (week or two before Econorun)
  • Econorun (April 26th-28th, Ritenhoff in Leavenworth)
  • Car Show for Kids – July 20th
  • ODCS July 28th
  • Fall Tune-up day (October)
  • Holiday Party in December – check with Felipe with the day for it
  • Brownsville Appreciation Day

Meeting was adjourned shortly after 11am.